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We are a PDF work flow environment, but accept native files. When exporting to PDF, in the settings, please uncheck spreads and print all pages to a PDF. For compression use high quality ZIP. Include an 1/8" (.125) bleed all around. In color Conversion we prefer "No Color Conversion" in the pull down menu. Unless specifing a spot color for the job, remember to convert any spot colors to process in your document before exporting. Embed all fonts, i.e., subset fonts when percent of characters used is less than 100 to 0. Settings are available for all platforms and we will gladly walk you through them.


Though we prefer the "press ready" PDF file, we will accept files in native application format for QuarkXpress 9, InDesign CS5, Illustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5. Older versions of these applications are also acceptable.


If you are using another page layout application or if you are using one of the above applications on the Windows platform, please contact us prior to submission regarding compatibility issues.


Single pages are preferred (not reader or printer spreads). Page size in the layout application should be the same as the final trim size. All bleeds must be 1/8" (.125) past the page (trim) size - even on the gutter side of publications. We recommend the safety margin for live copy to be 1/4" (.25) from the page edge: The absolute minimum is 1/8" (.125). If live copy is closer to the trim than 1/8", there is a risk that it will be cut off when the job is cut to size. Please indicate folding marks outside the bleed area in unique cases.


Images should be at least 300 dpi at 100% size with a maximum density of 280. Images can be left as RGB as our rip uses the same color conversion found in Photoshop. When saving Photoshop EPS files, do not check the "Include halftone screen" or "Include transfer function" boxes. Photoshop EPS, TIFF & JPEG files should be set to high quality / low-compression. All linked Photoshop EPS and TIFF files should be reduced no more than 80% in the page layout. If a raster image reduction exceeds 80%, it should be resized in Photoshop and re-linked (updated) to the page. This is not necessary for Illustrator/Freehand EPS files that contain only vector art).


All fonts used to create the file must be included (both screen and printer font files for PS Type 1 & 3) Do not use Bold and/or Italic styles in the style menu. Bold and Italic variations should only be selected from the font menu itself. Linked Illustrator or Freehand EPS files should have all fonts converted to outlines.


QuarkXPress and InDesign have collection features that should be utilized to insure that all necessary linked files and fonts are included with your submission.


We do not recommend using Pantone color libraries to create colors (unless you are actually printing a spot color in your job), as colors will shift when converted to CMYK. It is recommended that you color match to a process color sample book, then custom mix your colors in CMYK. Please delete any unused colors from the color palette.


If you are creating your work and have a black background please use a "Rich Black" of 100% black, and 20% cyan. Please keep in mind photoshop images with 4/c black should have no more than a 280 density, i.e., 70c, 60m, 60y, 90k.


If you have white (reverse) or light text over a background we recommend that it be a bold, san serif font, no smaller than 9pt. to avoid any registration/plugging issues on press.


All storage media is accepted.


Digital files may be submitted via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) using your web browser at www.colorgraphx.com. Contact us for a username and password before submitting artwork. Layout files and all linked graphics & fonts used in the layout should be combined into a compressed archive (Mac: Stuffit or Zip: Win: WinZip) - or multiple archives of 100MB increments for a better upload. The file name of the uploaded archive should include the Job name, and should not include spaces or non-alphanumeric character such as: Slashes, quotes, asterisks or ampersands.

PDF's do not need to be compressed. If your file fails to upload because of computer failure or one of the above criteria please rename your file and try again.


Download Prepress Specifications


E-mail: files@colorgraphx.com

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